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“There hasn't been an author in 20 years, since Terry McMillan, to fully express the experience of black women in love and romance. I believe Raqiyah Mays can fill that void with The Man Curse.”

—Karen Hunter
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, best-selling author, publisher, Sirius/XM host of "The Karen Hunter Show"

On Sale November 16

The Man Curse

by Raqiyah Mays

A self-help fiction novel that explores the phenomenon of generational curses and family cycles, The Man Curse is told through the eyes of Meena Butler. Her life is nearly in order, with one exception: the family curse. Is an age-old hex holding her back from landing the man of her dreams—or will she be the first woman in her family to break free of the past and find the love of a lifetime?

Meena has heard whispers of the family curse since childhood. Seated around tables at the yearly reunion, relatives always shared stories of the Man Curse’s origins. It began with Great Grandma Anna Mae’s affair with the church pastor. After finding them in bed together, his wife hexed Anna Mae to prevent the women of her family from ever marrying, and the results are said to have lasted generations. Anna Mae and her sisters died without being wed. Grandma Fey never married. Aunt Connie has given up on men. And Meena’s mother, Deena, continually runs into dead-end relationships.

Vowing not to follow in their tracks, Meena is undeterred from achieving her dream of matrimony. After dating a string of wrong men and catching her college boyfriend Dexter cheating, she heads to New York, where she has an exciting new job at Buzz, the hottest music magazine in the business. On a professional upward track, Meena happily ignores Dexter’s pleading calls for forgiveness. Instead, she meets the popular intellectual writer, Sean. Physical attraction and common interests fuel a love affair that seems destined for marriage. But when a chance meeting with another woman ignites lingering insecurities that Sean is hiding something, Meena’s trust is shattered. With her relationship on the rocks and her confidence in the gutter, Meena’s journey toward emotional healing forces her to face the truth and wonder if she really does have the Man Curse. Or is it all in her head?

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About Raqiyah Mays

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Raqiyah Mays is an author, journalist, radio personality, and activist chosen by retail outlet, The Limited, as a dynamic female leader featured in its 2015 “New Look of Leadership” nationwide campaign. Her byline has appeared everywhere from the Associated Press and Billboard to Essence, Vibe, Black Enterprise, and Ebony. She contributed a chapter to Gil Robertson’s anthology Where Did Our Love Go: Love & Relationships in the African American community. She was also featured in Thembisa Mshaka’s book of female entertainment industry professionals, Put Your Dreams First: Handle your entertainment business. Raqiyah was a reporter at large for Cheo Hodari Coker's book Unbelievable: The Life, Death, and Afterlife of The Notorious B.I.G. The project was later turned into the critically acclaimed feature film Notorious. A New York radio personality on 107.5 WBLS, in 2009 Mays was named one of VH1’s “Future Leaders of Black History.”

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